SBH offers unlimited opportunities to channel personal skills, knowledge, talent, compassion, and good intentions into helping others. Volunteers working together and independently throughout the SBH network, help make life better for people of all ages – from youths to senior citizens.

  Current Programs
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Al & Sonny a"h Gindi Client Services Division
Case Management Captain
Captains serve a vital role in a unique model of assistance that has made SBH a premier social service agency. Volunteers are paired with SBH clients to address their emotional, financial, and physical needs with the help of the client’s social worker. Interested individuals undergo an interview and subsequent training process prior to being matched with a client. Contact Us
Canvases for a Cause
Volunteers stitch personalized talet and tefillin bags for clients’ special events, including bar mitzvah and wedding. Contact Us
Open a Home
Open a Home helps clients get started on the right foot by providing the basic necessities they need to “open a home”. Items provided are linens, towels, hangers, bathroom accessories, and other miscellaneous items. Contact Us
Home Improvement
Volunteers paint one or more rooms in clients’ homes twice a month. (Must be 18+) Contact Us
Career Services Division
Interview Prep
Career Services helps interviewees feel confident and prepared to impress potential employers, bringing them one step closer to their dream jobs. If you have experience in human resources or know that employers are looking for in today’s job market, CSN could use your expertise to prepare and coach job seekers for their interviews.
To volunteer: Rita Shabot: rita@csnetworks.org; 718-787-1400 x212 Contact Us
Résumé Writers
If you are an expert in making people look good on paper (or you want to learn how), volunteering to help job seekers write resumes is a great way to help our community members succeed. Contact Us
Job Coaching
CSN’s Job Coaching program is an extraordinary way to help fellow community members get back on their feet. CSN evaluates volunteers’ level and area of expertise, and matches them with job seekers for whom they provide support and guidance. Contact Us
SPF Summer Internship Program
SPF – or Summer Presidential Fellowship – is our exciting summer internship program. It serves as a platform for young adults to take the next big step in their careers, by gaining real work experience alongside industry leaders. This summer’s applicants went through a vigorous selection process, resulting in a group of our community’s most elite college students. These selected individuals will develop their leadership skills, communication skills, and ultimately lay the foundation for a successful career. SPF’s mission is to promote the growth of our community’s future leaders by creating a platform in which they can establish strong careers, expand their network and enhance their emotional intelligence. Contact Us
GEM Peer Mentorship
Connect the young adults of our community with mentors who they can reach out for career-related advice, guidance and help accomplishing goals. Build relationships and networks that will prove invaluable in the professional world. Contact Us
Nakash Brothers Clothing Division
Volunteers help supply brides in need with clothing and other various necessities for their special event. Contact Us
Sara Ann's Closet
Volunteers help ensure that the children of SBH clients have appropriate clothing to wear. Come help sort, hang, and tag on Tuesdays from 10 AM – 12 PM. Contact Us
Grace and Ely a”h Ashkenazi Family Services Division
Dorothy Segal a”h Reach for the Stars Program
Dedicated volunteers are matched with high-functioning teens with Asperger’s, PDD, or Autism. They spend time with them on group trips, becoming both a role model and a friend. All volunteers undergo an initial training process. Alternating Sundays 11:30-3:30, lunch included. Contact Us
Lucille & Arthur Greenberg S.E.A.R.C.H. Program
S.E.A.R.C.H.’s mission is to enable our community’s children to complete their schooling successfully, with both their education and self-esteem intact. Volunteer opportunities include training as a parent advocate to help peers navigate the DOE system, as well as helping S.E.A.R.C.H. run relevant programming for the community in the area of education and children’s issues. Contact Us
Sofia & Lazar Stein a”h Big Brother Big Sister Program
Young adult volunteers are paired with the children of SBH clients, acting as a positive role model for their Little Brother or Little Sister, ages 9-16. The program fosters a relationship through socialization and fun outings. This program runs every other Sunday, from November until May. Volunteers must commit to an entire 7 month cycle. Contact Us
Sarah Sutton a”h Food Division
Family Plus One
Once a week volunteers cook one extra dish, while another set of volunteers pick up and deliver the food to the SBH Food Pantry freezers, where clients can go and pick up what they need. Cooks and drivers needed. Contact Us
Hanan Family Shabbat Meals Program
Volunteers cook homemade Shabbat meals and others deliver these meals to community families in need. Cooks and drivers needed. Contact Us
Flowers for Widows
Every Friday volunteers deliver flowers, hallot, and desserts to widows in the community. Drivers and bakers needed. Contact Us
Text to Shop
Text messages with a list of items needed for the SBH Food Pantry are sent out each week to volunteers interested in donating food. Local supermarkets will deliver items directly to the food pantry. Contact Us
Sophie Levy a”h Meals on Wheels
Volunteers cook meals and/or bake desserts and hallah on a short-term basis for anyone experiencing a crisis, a difficult situation, or tending to a newborn baby. Meals, desserts and drivers needed. Contact Us
Hospital Meals
Delicious meals for Shabbat are delivered to community members and caregivers staying in a hospital. Contact Us
Cooking with Soul
Groups of friends and family get together to fill the SBH Food Pantry freezers with delicious and nutritious meals. Contact Us
Mitzvah Meals
High School students learn how to cook while donating food to the SBH Food Pantry. Contact Us
Sarah Sutton a”h Food Pantry
Volunteers help stock and organize the shelves at our Pantry. Contact Us
Mickey Kairey a"h Mental Health Division
Mental Health Resource
Help with our programs, lectures, and support groups. We can train you to help interview professionals to update our database, be a part of the domestic violence and sexual abuse team where we need help finding creative ways to educate and empower the community to find a voice about these uncomfortable issues. Contact Us
Isaac & Florence Chera a"h Medstar Division
Volunteers help with medical research, annual health screenings, lectures and skilled-based workshops, as well as office work, updating the Medstar physician/hospital database and national/international website. Contact Us
Morris I. Franco Community Cancer Center
Volunteers provide a variety of services for Cancer Center clients. After completing a training session with the staff, volunteers can drive clients to doctor’s appointments, assist at the salon, assemble care packages and deliver meals and flowers. Volunteers work together to plan and attend day trips, fundraising events and wellness retreats throughout the year. Our volunteers also provide homework help and arts and crafts projects for clients’ children. Contact Us
Lorraine & Louis Shamie Senior Services
Golden Girls
Volunteers organize activities for senior women or offer their professional services as a group activity. Contact Us
Tech Team
Volunteers help seniors learn how to use computers, iPhones, and other devices. Contact Us
Home/ Hospital Visits
Trained volunteers make home or hospital visits to local community members or seniors to brighten up someone’s day. Contact Us
Phone Reassurance Program
Volunteers call community seniors weekly to check in and socialize. Contact Us
Raymond Sultan a”h Young at Heart
Volunteers organize and attend events for seniors at the Ahi Ezer home. Join the seniors for lunch, socializing, and activities every other Tuesday from 12 PM-2 PM. Contact Us
Knitting Club
Come knit with our seniors! All ages and skill levels welcome. All items created are donated to SBH’s Dress -a-Child program. Contact Us
Vivianne & Ralph Sitt Senior Day Program
Volunteers are needed and welcomed to our annual holiday festivities for the community’s seniors. Contact Us
Gabriel a”h and Marcelle Chehebar Volunteer Division
Hesed on the Go
There is an ongoing need for volunteers to drive SBH clients to and from appointments, make deliveries, assist on errands, or assist SBH in various hesed projects that require a car. Contact Us
The SBH Source
The official magazine of SBH needs writers! Volunteers can cover research topics, events, programs, interviews and assist in the editing and review process. Contact Us
Tzedakah Boxes
Volunteers pick up kuppot from local stores and homes. Contact Us
Volunteers help community children and clients with their schoolwork while forming friendships and providing guidance. Contact Us
Volunteer Luncheons
Host a private volunteer luncheon in your home to learn about all the volunteer opportunities at SBH. Contact Us
Saba Chesed Mission
Join us on an unforgettable adventure as we go on a great day filled with Chesed. You may gain more than you give. Contact Us
Lorraine & Louis Shamie Holiday Programs
Volunteers needed for special holiday programs including Hannukah Toy Drives, Lulav and Etrog deliveries, Pesach Packaging, Mishloach Manot and more. Contact Us
Joseph V. Harary a”h High School Hesed Program
  • Monday Night – Food Pantry
    SBH Youth pack and deliver bags of food and home cooked meals from the Food Pantry to SBH clients and elderly that are in need. (At the SBH Building 425 Kings Highway)
  • Tuesday Night – Visiting
    Volunteers go on a weekly basis to visit seniors, in homes or nursing home, forming relationships and bonds among each other. (Location varies based on client address.)
  • Wednesday Night – Cooking for the SBH Food Pantry
    Come help us fill the SBH Food Pantry Wednesday nights at 379 Kings Highway at 6:15.
  • Thursday Night – Bingo
    High School Volunteers play bingo with the seniors at the Ahi Ezer senior residence, 1960 East 7th street at 6:15.
  • Friday Afternoon – Hallot delivery
    Deliver over 300 hallot to seniors at all three Ahi Ezer senior homes. Meet at the SCC at 2:15 PM.
Contact Us
Young adults ages 18-25 organize hesed projects throughout the year including senior parties, hospital visiting, toy drives, etc. Contact Us
Snow Shoveling
During a snowstorm, volunteers shovel outside seniors’ homes. Contact Us
5th – 8th Grade Hesed Heroes
Kids in this group meet up once a month to organize and execute acts of hesed throughout the year. Contact Us
Team SBH
Take part in many opportunities to be SBH champions for charity, including the Disney Half-Marathon, Diane Azrak 5K, NYC Full and Half Marathons, Golf Outing, and more. Contact Us
Tawil Family Jersey Shore Branch
Case Management Captain
Volunteers work in partnership with SBH Social workers to address clients’ various needs. Volunteers undergo an interview and subsequent training process prior to being matched with a client. Contact Us
Food Pantry
The food pantry is open to all who need it and is strictly confidential. Shopping is by appointment to ensure privacy. Volunteers are needed to shop, and pick up food for the pantry. Food donations from the community are essential. Contact Us
Cooking with Love
Volunteers meet and make homemade meals to stock the pantry. Contact Us
Orange Bag Project
A monthly program with Hillel Yeshiva of food collection to benefit the pantry. Contact Us
Holiday Programs
Holiday programs are hosted throughout the year to address clients specific holiday needs. Volunteers are an important part of the planning, development, and implementation of these programs. Contact Us
Home Central
This program provides gently used or brand new furniture to families in need. Volunteers are needed to contact donors, arrange for delivery to the showroom, design furniture layout, and show furniture to families by appointment. Contact Us
Home Visits
Volunteer visits make a lasting impact. Bring a friend and brighten someone’s day. Contact Us
Hospital and Nursing Home Visits
Visit with community members and their families while they are in the hospital/nursing home. Contact Us
Meals w/ Food Pantry and Cooking with Love
Volunteers cook for community members in need. This is an easy hesed to help someone who just had a baby, is a little overwhelmed, or is homebound. Opportunities available for cooking and delivering. Contact Us
Professional Pro-Bono Group
Volunteer attorneys, physicians and financial experts provide professional advice for clients on an as-needed basis. If you are a professional interested in donating your skills and expertise. Contact Us
The senior program at SBH is Tuesday mornings. This is a great opportunity for our seniors to socialize, enjoy a great meal and be entertained. Volunteers help organize the events and bond with our seniors. Contact Us
Volunteers drive community members to various local appointments and activities. Contact Us
This group organizes various hesed events during the year, such as:

Monday – Baking
Volunteers bake sweets for the senior program for Friday delivery.

Wednesday Night – Homework Club
High school students provide tutoring for students at the SBH office every week. Pizza and soda are provided.

Friday Afternoon – Hallot Delivery
Volunteers deliver hallot and baked goods on Friday to community seniors.

Contact Us
Career Services Network
Looking for a job? Need to fill a position in your company? SBH has a representative in our office. Contact Us
Manhattan Branch
Meaningful Meals
Volunteers cook meals on a short-term basis for anyone in the hospital, ill at home, experiencing a crisis, or tending to a newborn baby. Contact Us
Hospital/Home Visiting
Spearheading the “bikur holim” mission in Manhattan is our visiting program. Our wonderful, trained volunteer visitors bring joy to those who could use a little company or cheering up. Contact Us
Cooking for a Cause
Volunteers gather monthly at the Safra Synagogue to prepare delicious meals for the Pantry in a class led by a well-known community chef. Contact Us
Live to Learn
Our educational series called Live to Learn provide classes, and workshops on topics related to our community’s interests and needs. Some topics we have covered: CPR, childhood development, how to deal with aging parents, and much more. Contact Us
Home Away From Home
We hope to further establish this program which provides overnight housing for family members with a loved one in a Manhattan hospital. Contact Us
GEM is our adolescent mentoring program, helping teens and college students navigate their future education and career goals. Contact Us
Holiday Program
During holiday times we have special programs that pertain to the holiday, such as our annual Hanukkah Toy Drive, Lulav and Etrog delivering, Chametz Drive, Mishloach Manot and more. Contact Us
Growing and Giving
Growing and Giving is our newly launched monthly hesed projects with the 4-year-olds at The Sephardic Academy of Manhattan (SAM). The kids have already enjoyed a Cooking for a Cause class, tzedaka box project and a clothing drive. Contact Us
Volunteer Luncheon
Volunteer hosts invite friends and family to their homes to learn about all the exciting volunteer opportunities SBH can offer or help launch. Contact Us