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With the supervision and support of our exemplary staff and volunteer advisory team, the Albert J. Sutton & Sam N. Sasson Career Services Division stands as the premier job readiness and placement program for anyone seeking employment or looking to hire. We assist both employers and job seekers as they navigate the challenges of today’s job market across all industries.

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You saved my life. Thanks to the team at Career Services. I am working at a great company. My wife, kids and I are doing much better. My marriage is saved. I am back on my feet. You gave me my dignity. Thanks to you, I went from hopelessness to hope. ”

SBH is not a workplace; it is a hub of hesed. Helping those in need is gratifying. When your client gets a job, you feel great that Career Services gives them the opportunity to provide for their family and themselves.
Sigalit, Career Services Job Developer ”

I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a new position. I want to express my deepest gratitude. From the moment I contacted CSN, I felt the immense support and power of the community and SBH. Not only did you open your network, but you made my family’s well-being your priority; I am immensely grateful. ”

It is very humbling to know that at any time of the day or night, both of you are willing to help an unknown. You have not stopped trying to come up with a solution and have taken time away from your personal and professional time to do this! Thank you is not sufficient. I thank you with heartfelt gratitude and sincere well wishes. ”

Website: sbhcareer.org
Phone: 718-787-1400