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When quality of life is compromised, a lifeline of support can be found with the Medical Division. Our mission is to support the continued health and wellness of each and every community member. We help patients navigate the complexities of the health care system by providing referrals to top physicians worldwide along with cutting edge and comprehensive guidance. We are proud to be a leading, globally recognized medical care organization, with liaisons to every major hospital and doctor in the tristate area. Our knowledgeable and professional staff and volunteers go above and beyond to see that questions are answered, treatments obtained, needs met, and families cared for.

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The degree of professionalism and conscientious thought that SBH puts into each individual is remarkable, requiring a significant level of sophistication and care. SBH’s efforts have changed the community’s ability to find the correct physician for the specific problem, always looking for the best of the best. ”
– Stuart H. Ditchek, MD, FAAP

SBH found me top physicians and hospitals for every situation. I was always able to get in touch with a kind and caring voice- there was always compassion on the other end. May I never need them again, but it is certainly reassuring to know that they are there. ”
– Anonymous

Whatever the illness, whatever the background, they respond to what would be helpful to the particular patient. We admire the excellence in everything SBH does including the personal care and supportive care. ”
– Dr. Herbert Pardes, Executive Vice Chairman of the board, New York Presbyterian Hospital

I’ve received countless calls from community members with medical issues, and my first resource is always SBH. They solve every part of the medical problem with professionalism and care. I have complete faith in their ability to pinpoint the top physician for each patient’s medical issue. ”
– Rabbi David Ozeri

Phone: 718-787-0077