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Family Division

Strengthening Families by Supporting our Children

The youngest members of our community can reap the benefits of our notable programs and resources in the Family Services Division. We believe that encouraging and caring for our children, especially those who are struggling, is at the core of the SBH mission. Educational, recreational and motivational programming keeps our children safe, happy and healthy, which in turn has a big impact on the entire family structure and the future of our community.

This Year's Highlights
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Lucille & and Arthur Greenberg
SEARCH Program
SEARCH’s mission is to enable our community’s children to complete their schooling successfully, with both their education and self-esteem intact. SEARCH stands for Sephardic Educational Advocacy and Resources for Children, and its main objective is to help parents through the process of obtaining free services from the Department of Education. These services include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling and resource room. In addition, we help identify appropriate school placement for children with special needs.  We also run relevant educational programming for the community in the area of education and children’s issues.  For more information about SEARCH, contact Sari Tawil at 718-787-1100 x361

This program is made possible in-part by the generous funding of the Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc.  It is through the legacy of Slomo and Cindy Silvian that SEARCH is able to guide, support and educate the many families that we do each year.

Amy Haber a”h Children’s Tutoring Program
Our Homework Club offers the help of professional teachers and volunteers in a group setting. In addition, children of clients who need one on-one help are connected with a volunteer tutor that can work with them at SBH or in the privacy of their home.

Government Entitlements
Our team of professionals help identify and secure federal and state entitlements for all those who are eligible. These may include food stamps,  citizenship,  Medicare,  Medicaid,  HEAP,  social security,  SCRIE  and more.

Sofia & Lazar Stein a”h Big Brother Big Sister
For over 20 years, young adult volunteers have been matched with the children of our clients to form 1-on-1 relationships through mentorship and fun. The volunteers – called “Bigs” – act as positive role models to the children – called “Littles.” Outings are every other Sunday, with group trips periodically throughout the year.

Parent Engagement Center 
Our Parent Engagement Center offers one on one skills training for parents by licensed social workers. Learn how to help your child with issues like, adjusting to the new normal, social skills, time management and organization, confidence, anger/anxiety, tech usage, navigating parent-child relationship, sibling rivalry and more. Parents of Title 1 students ages five and older are eligible for this program.

Hidary Family Financial Assistance 
Under the supervision of our Allocation Committee, SBH provides crucial financial relief to families in need towards rent, food, utilities and other areas of need, while simultaneously implementing a comprehensive plan to help them achieve self-sufficiency.


It was heartwarming in the most indescribably satisfying way to have been a part of the Big Brother Big Sister program.
– Leon Tawil, Big Brother volunteer ”

 This letter is in appreciation for the hard work you did for our special education daughter. You helped her change her school from public to Jewish. She was under no supervision for kosher food, missing Jewish education and environment, and for that we send special thanks. ”

We want to thank you so much for your most precious and generous gift of tefillin.  ”

Reach for the Stars: 718-787-1100 x379
Big Brother Big Sister: sbhbigbrotherbigsister@gmail
SEARCH: 718-787-1100 x304