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Feeding the Hungry

The Sarah Sutton a”h Food Division has been a haven of sustenance for thousands of people over the years. It feeds hundreds of families a week, from those who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, to those who just need an extra hand until they are back on their feet. Donations also come from all walks of life – supermarkets, celebrations, mothers who cook extra to relieve the burden of another, children who raise money to buy groceries, groups who come together to make batches of delicacies, and so much more.

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I want to let you know how grateful I am to the SBH Food Pantry. I received cooked food for Shabbat from these wonderful girls who took the time to do such a great hesed and helped me immensely. Being a working single mom of three I don’t always have the time or the money to make a Shabbat meal. Thanks to these women, my children and I will enjoy having this meal for Shabbat! In addition, I would like to thank Ilene for all her time, effort and great kindness and for always making sure my children have enough food on the table. Also to my social worker Annie who is always there for me when I need her, giving me great advice and always making sure I am ok. May Hashem bless you all. Thank You SBH!”

The SBH Food Pantry not only provided us with the staples that we needed, but they got us snacks for my children’s lunch. No one on the lunch table is able to tell that we are having trouble making ends meet.”

Thank you to the special ladies who packaged and delivered Shabbat food every Friday. We look forward to their sweet smiles and friendly words.”

 You mean I can walk into the butcher like everyone else? I can buy a pot roast? We have not had pot roast in weeks!”

Phone: 718-787-1100