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Tawil Family

Jersey Branch

Providing Care for the Jersey Shore Community

Our Deal office provides the Jersey Shore community with the help and support they need in times of crisis. With compassion, discretion, and respect, our dedicated staff and volunteers are there to make sure the needs of every family and individual are met.

This Year's Highlights
Meals-On-Wheels deliveries
hallot delivered for Shabbat
government entitlements
food pantry services provided
baby layette items

Client Services
When working together, the clients, captains and social workers at SBH can achieve seemingly impossible success, often marked by financial and emotional stability, and most of all, hope for a better tomorrow. Social workers and captains assess the client’s presenting problems and create a treatment plan with the client that begins their journey towards self-sufficiency. The treatment plan contains both immediate and long term courses of action to improve the client’s quality of life. Resources from the entire organization are essential, which can benefit physical and mental health, job security, government entitlements, budgeting skills, services for children, and much more.

Mental Health Program
We offer counseling for a wide range of issues, both on the individual and group level. Because of the close connection our smaller Deal community provides, we have a strong understanding of the unique sensitivities and issues this population faces. From the moment a client steps in, a warm environment allows for even the most hesitant newcomer to feel comfortable and provided for within their clinical needs. Our two on-staff clinical social workers deal with a wide range of topics including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and social skills training. We have also had a number of support groups in place, which are led by specialized professionals. We encourage community members to approach us regarding mental health services – we are here to help in any way that we can, whether it’s here at our building or through an outside referral.

Government Entitlements
Counted amongst our exemplary staff is government entitlement specialist Barbara Abadi. Barbara assists community members with applications for governments grants, federal programs and insurance benefits including home health aids, nursing homes/assisted living placements, social security, Medicare, SSI, SSD, WIC, Food Stamps, rent assistance and more.

Sarah Sutton a”h
Food Pantry
Our Sarah Sutton a”h Food Pantry has grown to be the largest kosher food pantry on the Jersey Shore. It currently services around 100 families weekly, providing fresh produce, basic staples, meat, chicken, toiletries, paper goods, cleaning supplies and more. Most of the items are obtained from the food bank and many more are thanks to the generous donations of community members. The local yeshiva students are very involved in the pantry, hosting food drives, raising funds, and helping to shop and stock the shelves.

Shiloach Family Food Services Program

Weekly Senior Program
We have a wonderful weekly program on Tuesdays, where seniors could get together, enjoy some entertainment, and share a delicious meal. What started as a small group has blossomed into a star program in the Deal repertoire, bringing in dozens of seniors each week. The group has truly become a family with loving and lasting relationships all around.

Youth Committee
Our official Youth committee for the Deal community is a great place for High Schoolers to give back, enjoy each other’s company and learn what it takes to be a leader. We have consistent programs and events for high school students including homework help, senior programming, visiting, delivering, holiday programming and much more.

Volunteer Program
As with every aspect of SBH, volunteers are the reason our branch has been the amazing success that it is. Every single day, we are privileged to be a part of hesed in action. We are always open to new ideas and look forward to working together to better meet our community’s needs. The rewards of making a difference, giving of yourself with your heart, and reaching out to people in need are priceless. Join us!

Home Central
Our furniture gemach, called Home Central, allow our clients to open their doors with pride and be happy in the atmosphere around them. Our furniture showroom is a place where clients can come and select exactly what they want and need for their homes, at no expense to them thanks to community donations.

Bundles of Joy
Our newborn layette gemach provides families in need with a beautiful layette for their newborn babies. The program and its packages are overseen by dedicated volunteers.

Phone:: 732-531-1117