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Caring for Our Most Honored Community Members in NY & NJ

The Lorraine & Louis a”h Shamie Senior Division of SBH has been at the forefront of caring for the seniors of our community as well as their caregivers. We offer an array of programs and services, including home visitations, case management and entitlement support, medical equipment lending, mental health services, and caregiver support groups. With the launch of our CONNECT program, SBH now proudly offers social programming for seniors every Monday through Thursday in our building. Daily programming varies from arts and crafts, music and mah jong to yoga, history lectures and eye-opening discussion groups. Our goal has always remained the same: to offer holistic support to seniors by meeting their social and therapeutic needs, as well as providing case management services.

We’re making it simple for seniors to enjoy our events every day of the week. Want to join that day’s event? Come stop by!


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This is the first time I got out of my house in two months. G-d bless you. ”
– SBH Senior Day Participant

What can I say about the fabulous program you put on at the end of the summer in Deal? That the music was great, the food delicious, the volunteers amazing… It was all of that, and more! My mom had come to visit me in Deal for several days, and I told her we would attend this program. She was hesitant –“Would I know anyone there? You’ll come with me, yes?” I told her not to worry. Everything that the Senior Division has done has been extraordinary, and I knew this program would be no exception. What I really want to convey to you is the impact of your efforts went way beyond those few hours of programming. My mom was transported to her youth through the music, she loved the lunch, she enjoyed the company of her tablemate. And as we drove back to Brooklyn that afternoon, she said she felt “lighter and better” than she had in a long time. It is two weeks later — she’s still talking about it — and her face brightens when she remembers the event. What you are doing for the seniors isn’t only for the seniors. It is also for us, their children and families. We also reap the benefits of your work, and it is important that you know this, and that you know how much it is appreciated. ”

The community work that you do is unbelievable and you cannot imagine how important and dear you all are to me. I consider you all my grandchildren and I pray to Hashem that He give you everything you ask, for this mitzvah that you do for me. You are so beautiful. This means so much to me. G-d bless you.  ”
-Speech delivered by woman on her 91st birthday party, organized by the SBH Youth Committee

Brooklyn Branch : 718-787-1100
Jersey Branch : 732-531-1117