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The SBH Young Adult Division is our latest and greatest addition to the SBH family.

This division offers 18-30 year old young adults a venue to engage in meaningful and critical work without falling through generational cracks. From exciting summer programs to specialized events and volunteer opportunities, this division helps instill community and values in our young adults.

The Instagive team continuously strategizes and innovates new avenues for young adults to support SBH through donations and sponsorship. For more information or to sign up visit sbhinstagive.org.

Events Committee 
Help us organize, execute and spearhead events geared towards young adults including: holiday programs, Midnight Festival, Leadership Weekend, and more.

Gardenia Marilyn Shehebar a'”h Beauty Salon 
Help out at our beauty salon located in the lower level of KM Bridal, where hairstylists and makeup artists donate their services to help our SBH clients get ready for their events or provide a “pick-me-up.”

Home Improvement
Volunteer with friends to help clients with their new home or apartment.

Mentor Program
Participate in fun activities twice a month with a client between the ages of 6-16 and be their mentor!

Shatra Program
Cook Syrian dishes with our community chefs using their own recipes! You’ll both fill the pantry and learn to prepare delicious traditional delicacies.

Raphael’s Magical Toys
Young adults shop for, wrap and set up birthday gifts for the children of our clients at our toy “shop.”
This program is sponsored in loving memory of Chaim Raphael Mosseri a”h

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