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A Lifeline of Support

Client care is the heart and soul of our organization. When families and individuals find themselves in dire need, SBH is there to answer their call for counseling. Staff and volunteers use the entire organization’s resources to create a treatment plan for each case that brings out independence and stability.

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Budget & Credit Counseling Program
The vast majority of SBH cases benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of proper budgeting. We are able to offer individuals and families the resources they need to ensure their finances are managed in a way that best suits their present and future needs.

Case Management
Struggling families are matched with a social worker and captain to form a multifaceted, holistic support system incorporating all the SBH resources. They work together to create a plan using creativity and compassion to achieve client independence.

Captains Program
When individuals become SBH clients, not only are they paired with a social worker, but with a trainer Captain as well. By using all of our internal services as well as external organizations, this team empowers families to become self-reliant and maximizes their capability to achieve financial & emotional self-sufficiency.

Holiday Program
We are honored to give the joy and celebration of the holidays to our clients with vouchers, ceremonial items, and the Holiday Meals Program.

Crisis Intervention
This dedicated team of rabbis, social workers and volunteers are professionally trained to respond in times of crisis. They provide comfort to all those affected by unfortunate events. Their presence offers stability and comfort in times of trouble with empathy, consideration and confidentiality during difficult times.
For immediate assistance, please contact Rochelle Mansour at (718) 737- 4873.

Dorothy Segal a”h Make-a-Wish Program
SBH grants the often unsolicited wishes of our clients, by giving them a chance for enjoyment during a time of turmoil. Some examples include sending a struggling couple on a date night who were both working overtime for their families, gifting bicycles to children who were worried they couldn’t ride around with their friends all summer, and buying a plane ticket for a mother to attend her child’s wedding out of state.

Pocket Change
With the collection of small donations from individual women, SBH is able to provide provide local recreational activities to families who cannot afford to go away for winter vacation.

Open A Home
For families who are moving into a new home or need help within a current home, a committee of volunteers works on getting linens, kitchenware, and whatever else is needed to set up or improve a home.

Flea Market
Select SBH clients receive donated goods  and are encouraged to sell for supplemental income in a weekly flea market setting. This program helps SBH clients feel a sense of empowerment and control as they are able to provide for their family and work toward achieving financial security.

Let’s Celebrate!
Birthdays call for some extra fun! Our volunteers organize birthday parties and purchase gifts for the children of our clients to make their day extra special.

Back to School Program
Children are provided with knapsacks filled with school supplies and/or a gift card to buy the materials they need for a successful school year.

Raphael’s Magical Toys
In loving memory of Chaim Raphael Mosseri a”h
Our toy “store” allows clients to pick out gifts to help their children celebrate their birthday, bar or bat mitzvah and many other special occasions. Our shop is filled with dozens of presents for children of all ages that are beautifully wrapped and stocked by our dedicated volunteers.

Whatsapp For Grabs 
WhatsApp for Grabs is a program that was created to allow individuals to donate unwanted, gently used furniture or household items directly to the clients of SBH. Donors send a photo of their unwanted item and if accepted, we forward it to a confidential WhatsApp broadcast with our clients. If a client can use the item, a shidduch is made! 


I used to hide in the car until you were ready for our appointment. Now I walk into SBH with confidence, not shame, to address the important issues of my life. Thank you is an understatement to the person who helped “me” get back “me.”

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I required assistance from SBH. They were there for me from the beginning whether it was financially or emotionally. It was very difficult to think clearly with so many stresses and they were there to make my transition as stress free as possible and to help me get back on my own two feet.”

It is with extreme reverence I have to the people who came out of the shadows – my guardian angels so to speak – actually, I think they live for these moments, and for that they are eternally blessed.”

Intake Line: 718-787-1100